Những bài hát thể hiện bởi ca sĩ Diana Ross

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I Won't Last A Day Without You
Tác giả: Carpenters
Ca sĩ trình bày: The Carpenters; Diana Ross; Ronan Keating; Paul Mauriat; Shiina Ringo; Lâm Chí Mỹ - Samantha Lam
Day after day. I must face a world of strangers where I don't belong. I'm not that strong. It's nice to know that. Theres' some one. I can turn to who will. Always care you're always there. When there's no getting
If We Hold On Together Hát karaoke
Tác giả: Chưa Biết
Ca sĩ trình bày: Diana Ross
Don't lose your way with each passing day. You've come so far don't throw it away. Live believing dreams are for weaving. Wonders are waiting to start. Live your story faith hope and glory. Hold to the truth in your
Let Me Be The One
Tác giả: Paul Williams
Ca sĩ trình bày: The Carpenters; Diana Ross; James Last
Some sleepless night if you should find yourself alone let me be the one you run to, let me be the one you come to when you need someone to turn to, let me be the one. To set things right when this old world's turned
When You Tell Me That You Love Me Hát karaoke
Tác giả: Diana Ross
Ca sĩ trình bày: Chưa Biết; Westlife; Diana Ross
I wanna to call the stars. Down from the sky. I want to live a day. That never dies. I want to change the world. Only for you. All the impossible. I want to do. I want to hold you close. Under the rain. I want