Each Other

Tác giả: Katharine McPhee

Ca sĩ: Katharine McPhee

Oh, oh. Yeah, yeah. No more lonely nights to hurt me. No more tears left to spare. No more reasons to be unhappy. You threw them all up in there air. And I don't know how you did it. But you made me a believer. I never.

Lick My Lips

Tác giả: Isabella Summers & Marcus Miller; Luther Vandross & Sam Sparro.

Ca sĩ: Katharine McPhee

Your love, don't need to sugarcoat it. You make me rush, get me up all night. And when I taste it I want more than just a little bit. You fill me up, baby it's alright. Gorgeous. Baby come on into my open arms. Every.


Tác giả: Kara DioGuardi & Jason Reeves

Ca sĩ: Katharine McPhee & Jason Reeves

1. You, by the light. Is the greatest find. In a world full of wrong. You're the thing that's right. Finally made it through the lonely. To the other side. You set it again, my heart's in motion. Every word.

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