Above & Beyond

Tác giả: Trish Thùy Trang
Above and beyond my hopes and all my dreams
frozen in time and everlasting scene
Seasons have come and many seasons went
and now at the rainbow's end.
You are my sunshine on cloudy day
you make the icicles melt away
suddenly life's a warm and brighter place
now that's you're here with me

Your love is taking me high
Adrift in the sky
my spirit's in flight.
No one could ever compare to you love
above and beyond all the clouds
Above and beyond all the stars into heaven.

Above and beyond as far as I can see
you are the only one my everything
you bring the sun a smile to my face
the highlight of all my days
I was surrounded walls were closing in
So deep inside no one can find a way
out of the darkness with your helping hand
and into the light again

Ooh there's nothing I can't do....
With you I feel brand new
I dedicate this song to you.....
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