Endless Tears

Tac gia: Trish Thuy Trang
Turning the pages of old photographs. I whisper thank you for all you're done for me.
Deep in my heart you're always, here with me. Sure are the sun you are shining down on me.

However rain or shine or how the day may be
Your smile is all that I can see. You shelter me with all your love?
Although you're far away and memories fade with years
They'll come a day, a glimpse of your face I miss you so as my endless tears flow.

Here in the night as I wishupon a star. Too see your smile up above the shining moon.
Memories of you always here, yet so far and with all my heart I'll be searching for you.

Thourgh pain and joy and sorrow. I'll keep living on. I know you see me where you are.
Believe that someday in my heart we'll meet again.
I'll see you smile, somewhere in time, I miss you so as my endless tears flow.
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