Shooting Star

Tác giả: Trish Thùy Trang
You were a light in the sky, shining oh so bright. And I was amazed by your gaze.
How you radiated. Then as the passes by and you quickly faded into the night.
From my life,
So many times in the night, falling from the sky I watched with a smile
So much hope from that moment you appeared
So sincere but my fears slowly come to life. You're just a common sight.

Điệp khúc:
You're a shooting star, I wondered who you are. So dashing as you flash before my eyes.
Another shooting star, amazing from afar.
As I made a wish, you vanished from your hearth, Shooting star

Now all alone in the dark and you're somewhere far away not a trace up in space.
And I'm left here on my own but I know soon they'll come, many just like you.
It's really nothing new.
You're not a sun or a moon, just a falling star.
Who cares you're not rare, maware of what you really are
A brief, fleeting light in my sight and soon out of mind. I've see you many times.
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