13 Little Dolls

Tác giả: Sophie Ellis-Bextor & Ed Harcourt

1. Darkness ain't a sin. It's the visions in your head. Leave it on the windowsill, it's for them now instead. Do you think they know your heart? It wouldn't be a big surprise. Because the pendulum will swing. Whenever.

50 (Interlude)

Tác giả: Machine Gun Kelly

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Machine Gun Kelly & French Montana

Ech, pimpin. I got fifty hoes on my dick ain't that some shit. I got fifty hoes on my dick ain't that yo' bitch? I got fifty hoes on my dick, every one of them vouchin'. I got fifty hoes. You got.

All About You

Tác giả: Savan Kotecha & Carl Falk & Hilary Duff; Kristian Lundin;

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Hilary Duff

You could be my dirty secret. (I could be yours). We could only be a rumor. (Never be sure). You could meet me in the backseat. (Late night). A ticket up in first class. (Mile high). Cuz hey baby, baby you got me so. So.

All We Do

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Trey Songz

Got me tied down on the way to the beach. Four bad chicks in the middle of the street. Roll right up and they all hopped in. Now we in the sand having lunch on me. Tell the girl don't let your feet get wet. We about.

Anything Goes

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett

In olden days a glimpse of stocking. Was looked on as something shocking. Now heaven knows, anything goes. Good authors too who once knew better words. Now only use four letter words writing.


Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Lâm Tuấn Kiệt (JJ Lin) & Anne Marie

Ooh, why you look so sad? I’ve never seen you look so bad. You used to be the strongest of us two. Now look at you, sitting there. Ooh, no-ones picking up the phone. The partys over and you’re all alone. I used to give a.

Can I Get It

Tác giả: Max Martin & Adele & Shellback

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Adele

Pave me a path to follow. And I'll tread any dangerous road. I will beg and I'll steal, I will borrow. If I can make, if I can make your heart my home. Throw me to the water. I don't care how deep or.

Cheating On You

Tác giả: Charlie Puth & Jacob Kasher

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Charlie Puth

It started with a kiss. On your momma's couch. 2012 was nothing serious. And then we caught the feels. It got really real. Too good to be true. I guess I thought you was, yeah. Why did I run.

Coming Down

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sỹ thể hiện: The Weeknd

I got somethin' to tell you. But don't know how I'ma say it. I guess that I can only say one thing:. Girl, I been bad again. Girl, I been bad again. Cause with this money comes problems. And with these problems come.


Tác giả: Giorgio Tuinfort & David Guetta

Ca sỹ thể hiện: David Guetta & Sam Martin

You take me down. Spin me around. You got me running all the lights. Don't make a sound. Talk to me now. Let me inside your mind. Don't know what you're thinking, sugar. But I just got that feeling sugar. And I can hear.

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