Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Troye Sivan & Betty Who

The truth runs wild. Like a tear down a cheek. Trying to save face, and daddy heart break. I'm lying through my teeth. This voice inside. Has been eating at me. Trying to replace the love that I.

Close To Me

Tác giả: Savan Kotecha & Ellie Goulding & Peter Svensson; Ilya; Swae Lee; Diplo

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Ellie Goulding & Diplo & Swae Lee

Even though we both know we're liars and we start each other's fires. We just know that we'll be alright. Even though we're kicked out the party 'cause we both hate everybody. We're the ones they.

One More Try

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sỹ thể hiện: A1

Could be your eyes could be your smile. Could be the way you freed my mind. Your precious touch caressed my soul. You gave me everything I need and know I'll lost. Lost forever…. Lost forever you said this is going.

Have You Now

Tác giả: Meghan Trainor

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Meghan Trainor

I'm not okay without you. I die each day without you. My body aches without you around. Around, around. I must've been a wild one, honey I know. With every other guy I should've said no. I really could've used your loving.

Sad Without You

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Dương Triệu Vũ

I'm sitting here alone wondering what to do. Thinking about you, feeling sad and blue. We were so in love, not so long ago. We had everything, now we're lost it all. Shang xin ,Mei you ni shang xin, (sad without.

Here Without You

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Boyce Avenue

A hundred days have made me older. Since the last time that I saw your pretty face. A thousand lies have made me colder. And I don't think I can look at this the same. But all the miles that separate. Disappear now when I'm.

Love Without End

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sỹ thể hiện: George Strait

I got sent home from school one day with a shiner on my eye. Fightin' was against the rules and it didn't matter why. When dad got home. I told that story just like I'd rehearsed. Then stood there on those tremblin'.

Tearin' Up My Heart

Tác giả: N Sync

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Chưa Biết; N Sync

It's tearin' up my heart when I'm with you. But when we are apart. I feel it too. And no matter what I do. I feel the pain. With or without you. Baby I don't understand. Just why we can't be lovers. Things are.

Thank For The Music

Tác giả: ABBA

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Chưa Biết

I'm nothing special in fact I'm a bit of a bore. If I tell a joke you've probably heard it before. But I have a talent a wonderful thing 'Cause every one listens when I start to sing. I'm so grateful and proud. All I.

Hard Habit To Break

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Chicago

I guess I thought you'd be here forever. Another illusion. I chose to create. You don't know what you got until it's gone. I found out just a little too late. I was acting as if you were lucky to have me. Doin' you a.