All Out Of Love

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sĩ: Declan Galbraith

Ca sĩ khác: Air Supply; Westlife & Delta Goodrem

I'm lying alone with my head on the phone. Thinking of you till it hurts. I know you're hurt too but what else can we do? Tormented and torn apart. I wish I could carry your smile in my heart. The times when my life.

House Of The Rising Sun

Tác giả: Alan Price

Ca sĩ: Declan Galbraith

Ca sĩ khác: Shawn Mullins; Abigail Breslin; Shawn Mullins; Hòa Tấu; Abigail Breslin; Toto; The Ventures; Haley Reinhart; Đàm Vịnh Lân

There is a house in New Orleans. They call the Rising Sun. It's been the ruin of many a poor girl. Me, oh God, I'm one. My mother was a tailor. She sewed these new blue jeans. My sweetheart was a gambler, Lord, way down in.

I Think I Love You

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sĩ: Declan Galbraith

I'm sleeping. And right in the middle of a good dream. Like all at once. I wake up. From something that keeps knocking at my brain. Before I go insane. I hold my pillow to my head. And spring up in my bed. Screaming.

I'd Love You To Want Me (Baby, I Love You To Want Me)

Tác giả: Lobo

Ca sĩ: Declan Galbraith

Ca sĩ khác: HKL

When I saw you standing there. I about fell off my chair. When you moved your mouth to speak. I felt the blood go to my feet. Now it took time for me to know. What you tried so not to show. Something in my soul just.

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