Tác giả: Miguel & John Legend & Blake Mills

Ca sĩ: John Legend & Miguel

Yeah we used to flirt with freedom 'fore everybody knew our name. We became their favorite secret, love for love and not for fame. Oh when I was your user, your FaceTime abuser, dose after dose 'til.

So Gone

Tác giả: John Stephens & Roosevelt Harrell

Ca sĩ: John Legend

I'm a do my thing. I'm a do, I'm a do, I'm a do my thing. I was born at the end of december. Not afraid that the cold of the winter. Would keep me inside, hey. Ever since mama left me at home. I had to search for a class.

U Move, I Move

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sĩ: John Legend & Jhene Aiko

I don't need words, you don't need to say it. Go with the feeling, and I'll do the same, woah. That's how this works, I put you first. You twist and you turn, I wanna learn. [Pre-Chorus: John.

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