Faking It

Tác giả: Calvin Harris & Jessie Reyez & Lil Yachty

Ca sĩ: Calvin Harris & Kehlani & Lil Yachty

Pray to God, but I'm feeling like he's going deaf. Now when I lean on you and I got nothing left. Hey, I've been wanting to call ya, tell you that I'm sorry. Same old fucking story everybody.

Worry No More

Tác giả: Diplo & Lil Yachty & Santigold

Ca sĩ: Diplo & Lil Yachty & Santigold

I don't worry no more. Stop messing with my money now. Like a walk in the park. I got love til it runneth out. Being rich is hip as fuck. I got friends I got fun. Got no worries.

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