I Found Your Love

Tác giả: Chưa Biết
I open my eyes
i'm in love with you
as if you love were new
i want to feel you by me
the sun shinning bright
say you love me too
another day with you
a blessing here beside me
here alone with you
being close to you
i can see it through

lost in your eyes
all that feel inside
is everything i need
i see the light shinning
right through your smiles
you're now a part of me
lost in your touch
the feeling you've given me
can never be enough
you mean so much
i've found your love...

And into the night
i'm in love with you
just like I always knew
just lying here together
when morning arise
say you love me too
another night with you
to hold you here forever
here alone with yo
being close to you
I can see it through
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