Once Again

Tác giả: Chưa Biết
Faraway a distant star
the one I love, love with all my heart
I'll be here holding back my tears
though days grow long
my love is strong
How you shine in all my dreams
I see my life with just you and me
we'll remain till the very end
our love will never change
I'll never let go
you're the only one
that I hold so close to my heart
Lie by your side
underneath the sky
gazing in your eyes for always
all day in your arms
is where I belong
I'll be in the end with you
once again....

Bittersweet, our memories
I think of you so tenderly
you'll come home surely this I know
Inside I feel that you are near
Every night I think of you
you make me smile when I'm sad and blue
till that day
when you're here again
our love will never end...
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