Twilight Dream

Tác giả: Trish Thùy Trang
Shadow fall around as darkness cloness on the blue sky.
Clouds and winds are quickly blowing trees under the moonlight.
I feel you close I feel you near me moving through the nightfall.
Sweep me off my feet and say you'll stay with me with the dawn.
Soon the sun will slowly rise as tears will fill my eyes for we must say goodbye.

Điệp khúc:
But baby in my dreams you're always here with me. Forever in my fantasy.
Cause baby you and me are flying endlessly together in my twilight dreams, my twilight dreams.

Your eyes are dark and powerful they hold me for eternity.
Wrap me in your arms and softly kiss away reality.
Hold my hands and take control for you're my heart and soul. For time will come and go.
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