Art Of Love

Tác giả: Guy Sebastian & Adam Reily
Im saying sorry in advance
Coz this won't always go to plan
Though we don't mean to take our love for granted
It's in our nature to forget what matters.

And when the goin is getting tough
And were all about giving up
Things that we never thought we'd say gunna say em
Games that we never thought we'd play gunna play em.

It aint perfect but its worth it and its always getting better
Its gunna take some time to get it right.

Coz I'm still learning the art of love
Im still tryin to not mess up
So whenever I stumble let me know
You need to spell it out, you need to spell it out
you need to spell it out you need to spell it out for me
Coz I'm still tryin to learn the art of love.

If I forget to get the door
remind u that you're beautiful
I know my detail requires more attention
If I ever hurt you its not my intention.

Coz were gunna make our mistakes
Find out how much a heart can take
But I know that you got my back
And baby I got yours.


Sometimes I'm gunna miss
Im learnin how to give
Im not giving up
Im learnin how to love
Learnin how to love.

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