Don't Drop That Thun Thun

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
O-O-O-O-Okay is the rula
Night man cooka
Keep me a rooka
Pop me a pupa
The Heat is where I grew up
So It's what I threw up
Sicker than a motha***a,
Might throw my food up.
Hoop coola no one losers
You had good brains,
I ain't even had to school her.
Meet me at 2'tha
I just want to do her
Pass it to the InC.
And let my bro screw her.
I'm killin' and I'll be that way,
I got a large appetite for some pussy and weed.
I said my money is green,
And my thun thun is blue.
And If I pop that bitch
She gon pop one too.
Okay she poppin' too
Now she's gettin' like me.
I said we're jerkin',
And we stumpin',
But can't catch the beat.
We can't catch the beat
But I'm feelin' my dance
I had one pill left
And it fell on my hand, damn!


[Verse 2: Ez The Great]
Alright, oh my goodness I'm turned up.
I got a bottle, you got a cup.
You hit the Dougie, I two-step.
You're not with this- I am InC. Rep.
Ha, You can make a chick about us-
She know my whole crew,
She know the song too.

Ratchet boys in this *** like what it do
Finattic Gang ho, now who the *** are you?
I'm easy, I'm never turnt down
Thizz face on girl this ain't no frown
Sippin' on lean, somebodys' girl goin' down
Like 3, 2, 1, where your girl at now?
Three pills down, that's on me,
And it wouldn't be a song if I didn't say "eeeiii!"
So don't drop the thun thun,
Girl turn the function up,
And we gon' keep it goin' when the hook come back along.


[Bridge: Killa F & Ez The Great]
Say if you drop it (what?!)
Just pick it up (what?!)
And *** a bad bitch and head to the *** (what?!)

Say you a freak (what?!)
You're not a freak like me (what?!)
Cause I'm a F-R-E-A-K, yeah that's me! (ha-HA!)

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