This Promise

Tác giả: Superior
You came into my life when I was drifting in a daze
And a sanctuary seemed to be so hard to find
A captive of my bitterness
Directed by my restlessness
Trying to stand aloof from things I couldn't leave behind
Just unable to express my fears
And still too sad to dry the tears
From a time I tried to get out of my mind.

Then you took me by the hand
And soon you made me understand
That I had to look behind the clouds to see the sun
You gave my feelings time to grow
So patiently that I couldn't know
Our time would end before it even had begun
When I realized you'd go it made me see
How much you mean to me.

I knew you had to go one day
And hoped you'd soon come back and stay
Because I surely know
It was way too good to let it go
I still trust in you
And I never thought
That you'd be gone forever
Yes I still believe
If we hold on to each other
And we don't loose faith
Then love will find a way.

Take this promise
Take a promise from a wiser man
I would never
I would never let you go away again.

From the bottom of my heart
I wish we had a second start
Now I surely know
I should have never let you go
Because deep inside of me there is a place
That you left an empty space
So don't you be afraid
If you don't know where to go to
There will always be
A place for you in me.

Take this promise
Take a promise from a wiser man
I would never
I would never let you go
Take this promise
I've been missing you much more than words can say
And if you don't miss me
You should know that I will miss you anyway.

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