She's Madonna

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1. I don't miss you
Just who
You used to be
And you don't ring true
So please
Stop calling me
Your "I love you"'s
Are ten a penny
You're dropping clues
Like you've got any
You got to choose
There's been so many ohhhh.

I love you baby
But face it she's Madonna
No man on earth
Could say that he don't want her
This look of love
Says I'm leaving
You're frozen now
I've done the freezing
I'm walking out
Madonna's calling me.

2. She's got to be
Obscene to be believed
That's her routine
Not what she means to me
I found myself
By circumstance
Across a room
Where people dance
And quite by chance
She' danced right next me.

Oh, Madonna, Madonna
I want to tell you a secret.

We're having drinks
With Kate and Stella
Gwyneth's here
She's brought her fella
But all I wanna do
Is take Madonna home.
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