Tree Tree

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
Sosa baby, GBE, baby
Blood Gang, baby
5th Gang, baby, Sit Gang, baby, Get It Gang, baby
Leanin' Gang, baby
You know how I'm rockin', cut off stockings
Keep kush in my pocket
All designer, get ya grind up
Got a Breitling for the muthafuckin' timer
Yeah, bang, bang.

All these bitches love Sosa, nigga, fuck yo 'Rari Rover
And yo bitches came over, lil nigga, game over
I don't fuck with po-poers, the po-poers are no-noer
Shawty said she like my odor, bend it over, bend it over
I got pounds of that kino and I'm a Fendi totter
I ain't gotta beat my dogs, I'ma sick this 50 on 'em
Choppa come through yeah, I went 50 on 'em
Smokin' ganja yeah, I went tree tree on 'em.

[Verse 1:]
You can find me in the club with the snuff, fuck the buff
Baby, this dick what you need, but I know it ain't enough
I know you want money, but I can't baby, sorry
I know better 'bout these bitches, baby I am from the projects
Pull up cowabunga, pullin' off like gnarly
Now I can fuck my forth grade teacher, Ms. Crowley
Take two days to smoke a pound, I'm Sosa Marley
And you can call me Sosa Ross, I'm Sosa-phisticated
Man, I'm still fuck your earthquake
I 'member doing drills up in broad day
I got that Worldstar like Beyonce
Now carry on, I'm gonna go my way.


[Verse 2:]
I went tree tree on her
Gettin' ne-ne from that lil bitch Keke on her
He love Keke, but she is a thotty on him
She just wanna have a party on her
And she be goin' on and on and on and-
Sayin' he a goofy, sayin' he ain't nothin'
And I be like o-kay, o-kay, o-kay
I'mma push him button, no it ain't no ridin'
Call me Sosa Big Pun, call me Sosa Fat Joe
Call my Ruger Remy Ma, call me Sosa Papoose
Shootin' everythin' from A to Z, alphabet coupe.

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