Tie Me Down

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
1. I've dodged the flame of love, my heart's been slippery and cold
I always thought I'd walk this path, 'least until I was almost old
Those sweet lips and eyes of green cut me like a blade of steel
Pull my heart like an eighteen wheel running up a Tennessee hill.

I was a rollin' stone, my feet never touch the ground
She was the only one that ever could tie me down.

2. Feel like I left behind, trapped to an angel's wings
Bounded to a new born love, tied up in the apron strings
I used to live alone, never needed anyone
And she turned my head around, I didn't even try to run.


Lookin' back, I realize happy is not what I was
When you run across a woman, it's your true love that stronger than a moonshine buzz.

[Chorus x3]

Yeah, she was the only one that ever could tie me down.

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