Worst Enemy

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
[Hook: Liz Rodrigues]
I'm wrapped up [?] trying to break free
I'm my own worst enemy, me
They'll never let me by though, cause I'm always tryna beat
Beat my worst enemy, me.

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Ayo, a better platform for all to listen to me
We out in DC deep, ain't got no sleep
The ride bumpy, who jetted out the country to buy D
Came back, [?] ain't nothin' sweet
My dome is yellin', "Go home!" but I ain't through
So many years in my career, it's a long route
Thinkin' when [?] skinned his face on the plaster
We was dusted back then, I smoked the last of it
And jumped into the Acura, sleepin' at [?], what it do?
Stew, beef, chicken, where my boo?
Had a quarrel with a hood rockstar, I broke his arm off
Cause he was pointin' his fingers at Ivanne's daughter
What's next? Dreads want a piece of my spot
This my crib, I pay here to live, fuck the pap.


[Verse 2: Raekwon]
Ridin' with the gun cocked, sweatin', musty tee on
Black Timb Bs, 10, 10 degrees [?]
Couple Ks, some had charms
I'm strictly Eagles, few suedes on
Next Friday I'm [?]
I gotta kill this nigga's head
He'll prolly do mine when nobody's there
Cause the only way to score, leave no witness
A thug on my shit list, pay him to slugs back
The slickest and remember that I built two graves
I wasn't stupid, I was ruthless
Check the bazooka crew, they bookoos
Broke the glass slammin' my rings down
That's doofus, don't mess up, you got the longest clip, use it
Yo you see 'em in the lobby, they right there
Headshots only, kill him, he right there.

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