Hold On 'til The Night

1. Watching the minute hand
Frozen solid not moving
Still we believe we can
But we're afraid of losing.

Watching from over here
It's hardly worth competing
I'm almost out of here
While breaking a heart that's beating
Just as I start giving up
I'm not backing up.

Run into the light
Get out of your own way
Not afraid to fight
Believe in what you say
I'll hold on till the night
(Believe that this is the night).

Hanging by a thread
I'm not scared to let go
Thoughts inside your head
That creep up to get you
I believe this is right
So I'll hold on til the night.

2. I climbed up on a tree
To get a new perspective
If love is worth the time
The price is being rejected
Just as I start falling down
I turned this around.


Hold on til I'm with you
All I've got to give you
All my fears are slowly fading to never know
Yes I start running running running running!

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