Live Your Dream

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
1. Oh you, you're the reason we are strong
And we know we carry on forever, now or never
It's our destiny.

Oh we, we believe in what we see
And we know that we belong together til forever
For eternity.

Live your dream don't dream your life
You better let your dream survive
Keep the magic of the moment for eternity
Live your dream don't dream your life
I'm sure you know what's wrong, what's right
Take the magic step to nowhere, face reality.

2. Oh you, there's a hero in your heart
So let's try a brand new start, you make it, you will take it
Do it just for me.

Oh i, i was sometimes so alone, couldn't make it on my own
Let's chase it, you can face it, time to live your dream.
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