If It Weren't For Love

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
[Verse 1:]
If only I can make it through your wall
And find a way to make it flow
But when I rise you make me fall
The more I try the less I know
And we both knew that feeling inside was turning the tide
And we got lost in the sea of words
I wouldn't be found with the torches I led at night.

If it weren't for love.

[Verse 2:]
If only I could reach you where you stay
And wake you up and break the curse
I'd make it up to you with no delay
The less I try the more it hurts
And well, you know there's never to late
For choosing our fate
And we can walk in the heart of gold
You making me sweat and I wouldn't be around tonight.

If it weren't for love
If it weren't for love.

And I remember when we met
Got a feeling that I never get
Was burning eyes we hit it off
And we we dive
If it weren't for love, love, love, love
Love love love, love.

If it weren't for love
If it weren't for love
If it weren't for love.
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