Pierre And Anatole

Tác giả: Dave Malloy
You promised Countless Rostova to marry her and were about to elope, is that so?
Mon cher
I don't consider myself bound to answer questions put to me in that tone.

My face, already pale
Becomes distorted by fury
I seize you by the collar with my big big hands
And I shake you from side to side
Until your face shows a sufficient degree of terror
When I tell you I must talk to you!
Come now, this is stupid!
What what don't don't!

You're a scoundrel and a blackguard
And I don't know what deprives me of the pleasure
Of smashing your head in with this!
Did you promise to marry her?
I didn't think of it. I never promised, because
Have you any letters of hers?
Any letters?
I shan't be violent, don't be afraid
First, the letters
Second, tomorrow you must get out of Moscow
But how can I?

You must never breathe a word of what has happened between you and the Countess
Now I know I can't prevent your doing so
But if you have a spark of conscience
Pierre paces the room several times in silence
Anatole sits at a table frowning and biting his lips.

After all, you must understand
That besides your pleasure
There is such a thing as other people, and their happiness and peace
And that you are ruining a whole life
For the sake of amusing yourself!
Amuse yourself with women like my wife
With them you're within your rights
But to promise a young girl to marry her
To deceive, to kidnap
Why don't you understand that that's as cruel as beating an old man or a child?

Well I don't know about that, eh?
I don't know that and I don't want to
But you have used such words to me
'Scoundrel' and so on
Which as a man of honor I will not allow anyone to use
Is it satisfaction you want?
You could at least take back your words, eh?
If you want me to do as you wish?

Fine I take them back, I take them back!
And I ask you to forgive me
And if you require money for your journey.

Anatole smiled
The reflection of that base and cringing smile
Which Pierre knew so well in his wife
Revolted him
Oh, vile and heartless brood!
Next day Anatole left
For Petersburg!
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