Tác giả: The Band Perry
1. We scratched our names
In that oak tree
'Cause I loved you
And you loved me
A jagged little heart so the whole town knew it
Carved in the bark with an arrow through it
I came out here to see it one more time.

And/But I got my chainsaw
Oh you know it's got to go, it's such a shame y'all
But I ain't gonna be happy until those names fall
And I'm sittin' on a stump.

Love is shady
Love is tragic
It's hard to bury the hatchet
Holdin' a chainsaw.

2. I guess all those years
They don't mean a thing
Now I can't wait
To count those rings
Nothing left of us but dust and splinters
A big pile of wood to keep me warm through the winter
'Cause I don't have you.

I remember what you said that night
That you would love me for the rest of your life
We wrote forever with a pocketknife
But forever's goin' down tonight.
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