I Saw A Light

Tác giả: The Band Perry
1. Well I never felt nothing like I did tonight
You had the face of a boy that I met in a dream one time
Some heard it thunder and so did I
I swear it happened when your eyes met mine.

Maybe it was just the way the wind blew
Maybe it was God and his Son too
But in that moment I know that I knew
That I, I found you.

I saw a light
I heard a bell
You were the very best feeling that I ever felt
(And suddenly you are standing here before my eyes)
And suddenly you are standing here, mine all mine
I saw a light
I saw a light.

2. I still can't believe someone left you laying around
Something precious like you should have already been found.

What if I'd stayed home and done nothing tonight
What if you had looked left and I had looked right
For once in our lives we were both on time
And now I found you.

Somebody told me when I was younger
Chance is like lightning
Love is like thunder
So I walked right over
Asked for your number
Cause somebody told me when I was younger.
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