Heavy Hitter

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1. I was lounging in the Chateau Marmont
Glimmering by the swimming pool
My man walked in like a slow motion movie
I said "you're so cool".

I heard a man screaming
Lights, camera, action
I c-c-can't remember what happened
I overdose
You throw me over your shoulder
I was dying
You were screaming
Open up that Lamborghini.

Open up your butterfly doors
Heavy Hitter
Open up your butterfly doors
What do you say
Open up your butterfly doors
Heavy Hitter.

Let's c-c-change our DNA
Let's change our DNA.

2. You're the King
My fear baby
I'm the Queen of Alchemy
I know a way to make gold by mixing our souls to escape reality.

Queen in Monterey
Run to that ocean
I got that magical trance potion
Gotta leave
I can't wait 'til I'm older
You was laughing
I was running
Use that remote to open up.


You can be my higher power baby
I can be your endless USA
We can go on drives for hours baby
Let's change our DNA
Let's change our DNA
Let's change.


Heavy Hitter
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