Holla Holla

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Holla holla
At you girl [x3]
Ey, akon (holla holla)
And t-pain (holla holla)
You need to quit it (ooohh)
Girl you need to quit it.

1. So many girls outside, and i wanna go take a cruise
And i know your a sexmachine and i wanna do sumthin new to you
The way you roll them thighs, and ya girl doin it too
If you want we can mix it up, i can set it up she can get it too
We got plenty of dranks, from plenty plenty of water
We got plenty of thing comin from cali-ifornia
And we all got that bank so believe we can afford you
So stop playin and show me what you can do.

And dont be actin like that, i know you wanna ride
Cause my lamborghini doors go up and down
Got all these gorillas here, all these women here
Somebody here gon (oh o)
Thats why im trynna
Holla holla (4x)
Im trynna holla holla, holla holla
Let me holla at you girl.

2. I gotta big ol truck outside, sittin on tory-sixes
And imma bout to step out my ride, with about tory tory
And they all like girls, so they all be kissin
Thats why im trynna put you in this girl
Im all up in this club, gotta get my groove on
If you wanna roll wit it (roll wit it), go wit it (go wit it), trynna get her move on
And i hope you like girls, cuz i wanna see you kissin
And now im trynna put you in my world.

Shawty, said you wanna player with money
So why you actin funny with me
I aint trynna prove nothin to you
Shawty im trynna do sumthin to you.

Shawty, im trynna holla holla
He just a roll of pennys of a stack of dollars
Im trynna see what you gon do
Cuz baby im trynna leave here with you.
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