Y.o. (Youthful Offenders)

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
[Chorus: Akon]
The mayor saying the crime slowed down
That explains why there's so many cops in my town
I done did so many years in the struggle man
Don't know how to live out the gutter man
Them youngins taking over the old land
And gang banging done moved down south to expand
See all them little kids packing muscle man
And they take it real serious when they hustle man.

[Verse 1:]
No father figure there so he been a bastard
Knee deep in the street even when its drastic
Them things come wrapped still neat in the plastic
All he doing is bringing heat to his demographic
Thank God the OGs is holding him
Short fuse his complex Napoleon
You can try and talk to him but he ain't there
He done did a little bid so he ain't scared
Yeah but when he get to drinking that's when he gets to thinking
Bout them bitches got him tweakin' Baby mom's is freaking
Hustle all week to get fresh on the weekend
Now he going off the deep in.

[Chorus: Akon]

[Verse 2:]
Learned how to clap before he learned how to stack
Now he doing 30 something years in the max
With numbers like that it take years to relax
And its violent so its mandatory years on the back
Ruthless I'm just tryna tell you what the truth is
He ain't even want to hustle he just wanted to shoot shit
Get high, get some pussy, run around stupid
Really a good kid he just always wanted to do shit
Drop on the jux you can give him a quick call
But kicking it with him is like talking to a brick wall
Comes from a good fam so his books stay right
He only 23 he got a chance to see daylight.

[Chorus: Akon]

[Verse 3:]
Don't be playing em close
Keep the work away from the guns
Keep the money away from them both
Keep it trill with your set
Make em feel your respect
No matter what you do never reveal your connect
Don't be running your mouth
You know what it is
If you ain't never tell it how would they know what you did
That thing on your waist got that thing out the lot
You still gotta eat dog if you banging or not
Frustration builds up then gotta release
When the crime slows down the dolla increase
Hundred grand in the duffel them younging will buss you
And they take it real serious when they hustle.

[Chorus: Akon]

[Chorus: Akon]
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