Wish You Were Here

Tác giả: Delta Goodrem & Gary Clark
1. I've been knock, knock, knocking at the thought of your door
But you're not, not, not here anymore
I ring, ring, ring - you're every thought in my head
But I can't get through, the connection is dead.

I want, want to tell you about the news today
But you wouldn't believe me, you'd laugh it away
There's a ghost standing at the foot of my bed
And it's you, it's you, it's you, it was you.

They told me who was in trouble
I couldn't breathe on the other side of the world
And there was nothing I could do to help you
And it's true today it'd be your birthday
It would've been your 27th year
And I miss you in the earth's atmosphere
I wish you were here (here).

2. I go back, back, back, and every memory you're there
But the clock ticks over every minute we shared
On my knees begging for it not to be true
But it was you, was you, was you, it was you.


Instead of just in my dreams and in my imagination
Confusing me completely from another dimension
Can you see the beauty from a new beginning somewhere?
'Cause I feel like I won't repair with time.

It was you, was you, was you, it was you.

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