Stealing Hearts

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
1. You've been warned about me
Don't try to get too close
I know you want to chain me down but
I'll leave you with my ghost.

I took your '69 Cadillac, parked it down by the creek
Just the second I'm certain that you're fallin' for me.

I'm gonna drive away
I can't stay, I can't stay
And if your bank account is empty and your savings are gone
Boy, don't feel like you're a fool because you weren't the first one
You never had a breath from the start
Because I'm taking names and stealing hearts.

2. I've broken hearts in Texas
And up in Tennessee
I guess I do feel kinda bad but
These boys make it so easy.

They leave their credit cards out and them keys laying 'round
When you're thinkin' that I'm settled boy, I'm ditchin' this town.

I'm not lookin' for trouble, I'm just tryin' to get by
But if you come in my way, I'm gonna drain you dry.
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