Freebird In A Firebird

Tác giả: Brandy Clark & Mark Narmore
1. Ran across a friend of mine
Hadn't seen since eleventh grade
Saw our name on the marquee sign
And stopped in to hear us play.

He said, “Man, it's been a few years”
I said, “They'll let anybody in here”
We sat and talked of rebel days gone by.

And we laughed of how our dreams of California
Never got much past the county line
We drank a toast to long lost friends
And all those crazy things we did.

It was Freebird in a Firebird
(Singing Freebird in a Firebird)
On the way up Hawthorne Road
It was long necks, long hair
Wild eyed girls and rock 'n' roll.

Play the drum set on the dance floor
Lighters held up for the encore
Not a worry in that southern summer sky
And we let that Freebird fly.

2. He said, “Man, it's funny
How the time evaporates
And how you'd give your right arm
To get back just a day”.

“Or re-taste your first teenage kiss
Feel them back roads turn and twist
Seeing nothing but dust in your rear view”.

There wasn't a car in our town any faster
Now yesterday's just rusting in my pasture
We were too big, the town was too small
But looking back, we had it all.

[Chorus x2]

Let that Freebird fly, fly on Freebird.
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