Never Let Me Go

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
[Verse 1:]
The very first time I met you
I didn't know what you were up to
You asked my name
And where you could find me.

But we decided to stay in touch
You gave me a kiss and it felt so soft
The start of my brand new life.

Every day I realize
That you are that special guy
God created you for me
And you are the one I've been dreaming of
And baby that's why I'm asking you
Boy never.

Never let me, never let me go
Never let me, never let me go
Finally I've found someone to love
Who believes in me and makes me strong
Never let me, never let me go.

[Verse 2:]
When we're together we have so much fun
A crazy dance and we're getting drunk
Leaving the dream,
Nothing more you and me.

You make a stand and put some music on
And even if I've got no make-up on
No matter what
You love me the way I am.



I need you when I'm out of words
I need you when I want to feel
I need you when I'm scared
I need you when I'm lying in your bed
I need you to protect me
I need you when I'm angry
So never never let me go.


Never never never
Never never let me go
No no no no, no no no no
No no no no, let me go
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