End Of Night

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
1. Only now it's gone
I can see the year
See it for what it was
And start another day.

All the liberty you took
The love that you abused
The friends that you turned
Against me if you could.

And you're twisting what I say
All that saying you were scared
It doesn't matter anymore
Cause I'm not there.

You were careless when the beat kicked in
And careless when it left
And careless all the way
I didn't see it till the end.

I feel nothing
When you cry
I hear nothing
See no need to reply
I can smile now
And turn away
Come over here
So you can see me walk away
And celebrate
The end of night [x4].

2. It only takes one lie
To bring this house down
Behind closed doors
No one tells the first time round.

Pain is worse when
You bring it on yourself
The sweetest bully building
A love that couldn't last.

You were ugly when the beat kicked in
And ugly when it left
And ugly all the way,
I didn't see it till the end.


[Bridge: X2]
After the fall comes love
I hate to hate and I love to love.

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