Just Say Yes

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
1. If by chance, I saw you at first
First time there, there on the dance floor
I would put, my coat back down
I'd head for the door and I'd ask your name
Just because, you've been there before
And been burnt, don't walk away.

Well just say yes, why say no
When you can say yes and just come home
Just come here, don't step away
Don't stop there, when you can be here
Nothing is familiar, nothing stays the same
But it's OK.

2. Even if, you think you should walk
Before you can run and falling is wrong
Even if, if you believe
Fate conspires against you again.

You should clear a space in your head
Kick out the lame, the lost and the dead
And who will know you and you
Are just bones and who
Will care how beautiful you are.

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