The Life You Chose

Tác giả: Dave Cobb
1. Who are you if not the one I met
One July night before the town went wet
Jack and coke in your mama's car
You were reading The Bell Jar.

Where are you if you're not on your own
Always lonely, never quite alone
Where's the Jesus that you swore you'd find
After running the last line.

Are you living the life you chose
Are you living the life that chose you
Are you taking a grown up dose
Do you live with a man who knows you
Like I thought I did back then
But I guess I never did
Did I (kid?)

2. I got lucky when I finished school
Lost three fingers to a faulty tool
Settled out of court, I'm no one's fool
You probably knew.

There's plenty left to make a getaway
I've spent enough nights in the bluegrass state
We could go somewhere where people stay up late
Or just somewhere new.


Here I am inviting you to throw your life away
Victim of nostalgia maybe Tanqueray
Just tonight I realized that I am still in your backseat
Nothing I've had since has meant a thing to me.

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