Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
[Verse 1: Pusha T]
Now that you're focused
I'm glad that you noticed
The realest nigga here
It's kinda chilly being the coldest
Me and Timbo in that two-door, making our ”Otis"
Now witness the chosen
It's just different here
Monte Carlo nights, let her throw the dice
Play in paradise
All I know is white
Get the powder gone
Bitches love to shop, levitate the mall
Mattress full of money, let it break the fall
Woo! She used to fly on a buddy pass
They say when the money go, you hope that your honey last
I been preaching since money, cash— hoes.

[Hook: Kehlani]
And I promise, I hardly see you
From where I am it's so hard to see you
Got money I've been different ever since
Maybe it's me and my arrogance
Who are you, who are you anyway?
Who are you, who are you anyway?
Who are you? We don't know you
Who are you? We don't know you.

[Verse 2: Pusha T]
I'm the fire and the base
I'm admired by the greats
This to each and every rap nigga
I look you liars in the face
Cold case, Rolls Wraith
Big dipper, constellation in the ceiling, see the stars
See the jewelry, all rock, no guitar
Who you know better with the raw?
Bogota, she like finessing niggas
She gets a Range Rover Sport
And got seats on the court from the best of niggas
I never bit at that apple
I never lost my El Chapo
I can still grab it, and bag it and capsule
Covered in white like I walked in the chapel
I'm that cold.

[Hook: Kehlani]

[Verse 3: Pusha T]
The last dope dealer
Red leather in a room full of Thrillers
The mamas, they zombies
Chase a nigga for the money, they behind me
Woo, safe look like it got a printer
Ain't no rappers in that Sprinter
Ain't no saints, only sinners
What bitch ain't fucked a winner?
I'm a blue ribbon nigga
Talk down on you two pigeon niggas
Front five or better
Yeah, I got a mountain of it, you could climb forever.
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