Alive Again

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
The last time I felt like this
It was two years ago around 3 AM
I remember dancing on the floor
Eyes closed, heart open
Feet barely touching the floor
It was intoxicating, it was organic

Right now this music is taking me places
It's taking over my body, it's taking over my mind
I've fallen into somewhat of a trance, I no longer have control
I'm a slave to the villain I'm a servent to the sound
But with every breath I take, I get a sensation of joy
And all around the room I see people like me
Dancing in a state of bliss
The music's got them and they can't resist
They sweat from their faces as they bathe in a light
The message is clear, everything's going to be alright

I'm alive again
I'm alive again
I'm alive again
I'm alive again
I'm alive again
I'm alive again
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