A Road Is Just A Road

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
[Verse 1:]
He pulled out in a cloud of dust
Laying rubber and spewing rust
And on any road he'd take
He'd have his foot on the pedal but my heart on the brake
Underneath the smooth tar curves
A road is only dust and dirt
On a lonely interchange
The signs all look the same.

Because a road is just a road
And a feelings just a feeling
No matter where you go
From Bakersfield to San Anton
A road is just a road
When the one you love is leaving on
And midnight's another dawn a hundred miles ago.

[Verse 2:]
He pulled out of sight of me
Believing that I'd set him free
But I'd heard the voice of the prisoner
Saying he couldn't get enough of her
You can go by land, you can go by air
Go by sea, hell, I don't care
You can go anyway you choose
Wearing out the soles of your travelling shoes.


And every sleepless night
I see him screaming by the scenery
Not noticing another mile
That's rolled on between him and me.

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