Go Out On The Town

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
[Hook:] {x2}
This the shit that happen when we go out on the town
This the shit that happen when we go out on the town
Bottles get to popping and them bitches get to jocking
And the kush bag that we smoking on be loud.

[Verse One: Killer Mike]
Pull up to the club, you can hear the car running
Tip the door man, so you know I got a gun in
Promoter already paid my money
I'mma make it rain on sugar and honey
Bigga baby Bigga baby, ball like a dawg
There's enough of me to around for both of y'all
Me and my team, we the t-shirt gang
50 niggas deep, going "bang bang bang!"
Black T, black t, bottles in the air
Niggas think J-Bo and Meech back their
Niggas think Charlies Black back on set
Niggas think Tera White back on deck
So respect my mind, respect my grind
Walk right past don't respect, don't mind
20 young broads like a cheer leading squad
All they wanna do is hang out with the stars
All they wanna do is get high like the moon
Take a nigga back to the hotel room
Sex, drugs, rap, roll, yeah we on it
L.A. tonight, Miami in the morning
Know a nigga had to hit the King Of Diamonds
Know a nigga had to do the same shit again
Know my next show in the city of sin
Tip back home and we at it again.


[Verse Two: Killer Mike]
The kush that I'm smoking so goddamn loud
I can see the police standing through the crowd
I can see these pretty women sweating my style
I can see my old ho standing by the mile
Away from the do' just looking at me
Her best friend telling her to holla at me
She wanna say something but her pride don't let her
Mad cause the bitches that I'm with look better
Fuck that hate I celebrate
Standing with some niggas in the N.B.A
Standing with some niggas in the N.F.L
Both them niggas say they visit with a player
Yeah I'm a player, yeah I ball
M.V.P. of the V.I.P
All the young niggas wanna be like Mike
Better put a 23 on me
All these hoes with me go dyke
There go 23 times three
They just wanna be high as a kite
On a spaceship in another galaxy
Y'all niggas think making a movie is a club
I live my life IMAX 3D
Y'all niggas know it's big screen things on the scene
Living life HD 10 in your TV.


[Verse Three: Young Jeezy]
Let's go
Thirty car deep me, need the whole valet
From everything new to the old Chevrolet
Half of them them bitches ain't got no tops
Half of them bitches park brand new drops
All them bitches got brand new wheels
None of my niggas ain't got no deal
None of my niggas ain't got no job
All of my niggas got 2 or 3 cars
What you mean nigga ain't got no cares?
Like telling OG she ain't go no ass
Don't look now nigga, Sugar on the stage
Five stack for the song, nigga Sug' got a raise
How you know a nig' got all that work?
Cause he got three/four XL shirts
Why a nigga name so hot in the city?
Cause he got three/four spots in the city
It's soft on the east, hard on the west
Smoke on the south side y'all know the rest
32 O then it ain't no plan
No income, no stone then it ain't no watch
Is it in the front then it ain't no Coupe
Didn't come from L.A. then it ain't no Snoop
G.A. baby wanna smoke that brown
Your name ain't Young then this ain't your town
Nothing said pussy like 3 Rosay
[?] post screaming free Jose
Nothing said chip like Frito Lay
Keep playing that Young/Mike, go DJ
Matter of fact dawg, free all my niggas
Gotta cell phone 'bout to call my niggas
Know what I did then you might be a legend
Play it one more time then I might spend seven.

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