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[Verse 1: Killer Mike]
Yeah, still Killa Kill from the ville
With a flow so cold it'll froze your nose
Something like the blow did back in the 90's
When I sold to the geeked out hoes
Must be the reason my flow so dope
Not dope meaning coke but dope meaning dope
What's that Killa? Y'all niggas don't know? So
School's in session, let's go
Dope shit get you 75 a brick that bullshit
Coke just gets you 24
Like my nigga told y'all niggas back in '96
The difference between a 4.0 and a 4.6
And you're on my dick, pause
Get up off the polo draws, y'all
Ain't seen a rapper this cold
187 since above the law Ok?
Nigga with an attitude like Eazy
Ren, Dre and young O'Shea Ok?
Fuck that punk ass Glock he got on the block
I'm gonna hit him with the K Ok?
Have a nigga singing like Michel'Le
Have a nigga missing like JJ Fad
Beat a nigga dead like JJ dad
Damn damn James! Why you make me mad?
Shit got damn, I go ham
I go off, the gun go blam
I go in, I go hard
I go stupid oh my God
Even when I ain't saying shit
Got AK word play might put a pause in you life
Just like a comma bitch!

[Verse 2: Killer Mike]
Let everyone know that the bad guys back
And he got a gun and he's dressed in black
Terrorist flow and I'm ready to attack
Bombs over Baghdad yes Iraq and Iran and I am
The motherfucking man with the motherfucking plan
Sitting with the strap on my motherfucking lap
I put the shit to your motherfucking naps
38. snub to your Nap' ass dome
I can get you straight like a pressing comb
I go ape straight King Kong
Y'all monkey-ass-niggas better leave me alone
I'm a gorilla so I get realer
I spit hot fire retro Godzilla
Homicide maniac brainiac
Sipping on a pint of 'yac
In a Cadillac
I'm Killer killer killer killer killer killer
I did
These many shows in these many days
Had these many bricks got these many paid
That's 1,1,2 in these many ways
Indeed I say the opposite of living in need
I say is greed they say
I say no way fuck get money
Stack your hundreds alright ok? Go!

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