Girl With A Diamond Heart

Tac gia: Nhac Ngoai

What happened to them
We could have did
We could have been anything
I didn't care, I needed your love
I would've been
I would've did
I would've shared everything
No motive, just because.

You couldn't handle my love
And let me walk right out the door
The girl with a diamond heart
No, I'm not charmless anymore
We were nothing but a dream
Now you're left there imagining
In a room full of dying hearts
Let it bleed, let it breathe
(Sing it)

[Chorus x4:]
La la la la la
La la la
La la la la

You had my ears
You had my eyes
I couldn't see anything
Nothing, baby, but you, you
And you had my mind
You had my heart
You had my soul, everything
You had me diamond blue, you, you.


[Chorus x4]

The feeling that I feel inside
Used to make me feel so damn high
It's hitting you now, you can't rewind
No coal left in that diamond mine
Best love is the love that's lost
Reminding you you're all alone
All those fights I can't recall
Now someone else sits on your throne.


[Chorus x4]
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