[Verse 1:]
So when my thoughts take off
May I breathe deep
Lord, help me strong
When old loss comes to me, need
Keep my fingers crossed
Keep my knees weak
Are we all such fragile things?
And maybe remember the past
But not hang on to our old ways
This pity laugh at the jokes we tell in bad taste
All my friends think I'm funny in a sad way
But they know not how they speak.

Oh my god
While you sit and wait for time
To change your luck
And open up those blinds
Oh don't you know
Don't you know that you're the last thing on my mind
Oh I catastrophize
Oh I catastrophize.

[Verse 2:]
Let me see the world
Through the kindness of my dad's eyes
Let every photograph be taken from my bad side
So when the world sees my face
They'll never ask why
I look the way I do
So let my soul
Be the only thing to guide me
I've told the world
And all my anger dies behind me
So if I fail
I can blame it on bad timing
I love nothing that I can lose.

[Chorus x3]
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