Don't Get Mad

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
Don't get mad cause the kidz like me
Don't get mad cause the kidz like me
Don't get mad cause the kidz like me
Don't get mad cause the kidz like me
Dont dont dont get mad cause the kidz like me [x4]

[Verse 1:]
Everybody know i got the kidz yellling dont- get- mad cause the kids like soulja boy tell em
And they parents they can't see it they blind they wonder why they kids talking bout soulja boy all the time (all the time)
They can't understand they ways they wonder why they son and they daughter got the name on they shades (on they shades)
Or why they only wear bathing apes or why they sit at they computer watching soulja boy all day if you dont get it it's a movement (a movement)
I aint saying that you stupid you just need improvement (improvement)
They say the records aint selling no more jus cuzz errbody on the internet on download now it's my turn to hit (my turn to hit it)
If you don't get it by the end of the song you won't get (you won't get it)
Real talk i spit it (i spit it) i got the kidz on lock and it's jus the beginning, let's go!


[Verse 2:]
Why you mad foe?
(why you mad foe) why you hating foe??
(why you hating foe)?
Soulja boy tell em what the street been waiting foe now am sign and it's going down (down)
Taking over radio tv everything man (man) i aint gon buy my time foe no body if you bug me for your show
Am a crank up your whole party while you listenin to these songz eaze ya mind if you dont get
What am saying press rewind now right now am 16 (sixteen) but when you hear these songz am a be 17
And running things super-man i started that (i started that)
But the biggest mam flotery is jus a lotta cappri cats (a lotta capri cats)
Its all good cuz am on deck (am on deck) its so major what i did with a mic in the internet (internet)
New rappers every day world wild no deals jus the fans and the fans they on my side


[Verse 3:]
Am the kidz favorite rapper (yuh) do tha dance never (yuh)
If anyone else can do it i can do it better got the grown folks scratching they head they say wha'z goin on
What so special about soulja boy man whats going on this all i got to say in my rap (in my rap)
When it spread to the grown folks man its a raw if u hating better pop your breaks (pop your break)
Dont get madd cuz the kidz fans and they watching my face (we luv u soulja boy) [3x]
Soulja boy my favorite rapper, no his my fav. Raper, no my favorite rapper

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