Be Mine

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
Showing it
Flowing it
Doing it right
Cause you can't connect if you be polite
Come a come say that you'll be mine.

You can send it in a bottle
Or even by U.P.S
Send it in a telegram
Just make sure that it gets here fast.

You can mail it in a letter
Call me up on the telephone
Have it written in the sky
Can't you see that I'm dying to know.

Yeah, it's O.K. that you're a little shy
Cause there's a thousand and one ways
To say what you wanna say.

All I want is a message
All I need is a sign
Baby, just give me a signal
That you're gonna be mine
Gonna be mine.

Have it printed on a billboard
Or e-mail me on the net
Dedicate on the radio
Or send it by Fed Express.

You know I've been waiting so patiently
Don't go and waste precious time.
Cause I can't read your mind.

When you're with me
I barely breathe
I just can't speak what I feel
Say the words for me.
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