Cold Water

Tác giả: Ed Sheeran & Jamie Scott & Benny Blanco

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Justin Bieber; Major Lazer

Everybody gets high sometimes, you know. What else can we do when we're feeling low? So take a deep breath and let it go. You shouldn't be drowning on your own. And if you feel you're sinking,

How Would You Feel

Tác giả: Ed Sheeran & Johnny McDaid & Benny Blanco

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Ed Sheeran

You are the one, girl. You know that it's true. I'm feeling younger. Every time that I'm alone with you. We were sitting in a parked car. Stealing kisses in a front yard. We got questions we.

I Found You / Nilda's Story

Tác giả: Calvin Harris & Benny Blanco

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Calvin Harris; Benny Blanco; Miguel

I cannot say what I'm feeling. If I don't know how to move. I cannot say what I believe in. I finally believe in you. I've traveled many roads. And I know what road to choose. Now my world is never.


Tác giả: StarGate & Benny Blanco

Ca sỹ thể hiện: Julia Michaels

I'm jealous, I'm overzealous. When I'm down I get real down. When I'm high I don't come down. But I get angry, baby, believe me. I could love you just like that. And I can leave you just as fast. [Pre-Chorus.

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