Wide Awake

Tác giả: Cirkut & Dr. Luke

Ca sĩ: Katy Perry

I'm wide awake. I'm wide awake. 1. I'm wide awake. Yeah, I was in the dark. I was falling hard. With an open heart. I'm wide awake. How did I read the stars so wrong. I'm wide awake. And now it's clear to me. That.

Who Am I Living For

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sĩ: Katy Perry

Yeah…yeah…yeah. Uh…. Yeah…yeah…yeah. I can feel a theme that’s inside of me. As I march alone to a different beat. Soul whisper lowing down my feel. Yeah… yeah…. I am ready for the road less traveled. Soothing ups.

The One That Got Away

Tác giả: Max Martin & Lukasz Gottwald & Katy Perry

Ca sĩ: Katy Perry

Summer after high school when we first met. We make out in your Mustang to Radio head. And on my 18th birthday we got that chain tattoos. Used to steal your parents' liquor and climb to the roof. Talk about our future like.

Teenage Dream

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sĩ: Katy Perry; Katy Perry (Kaskade Club Mix)

You think I'm pretty without any makeup on. You think I'm funny when I tell the punchline wrong. I know you get me so I let my walls come down, down. Before you met me, I was alright but things. Were kinda heavy, you.

Teary Eyes

Tác giả: Andrew Goldstein

Ca sĩ: Katy Perry

Have you ever lost, lost the light in your life? Have you ever left, left yourself behind? Have you ever lied and just replied "I'm fine"? 'Cause I can see you've lost, lost the light in your.


Tác giả: Josh Abraham

Ca sĩ: Katy Perry

Yeah, I'm thankful. Scratch that, baby, I'm grateful. Gotta say it's really been a while. But now I got back that smile (Smile). I'm so thankful. Scratch that, baby, I'm grateful. Now you see me shine from a.

Small Talk

Tác giả: Katy Perry & Charlie Puth & Jacob Kasher

Ca sĩ: Katy Perry

Isn't it strange that you used to know me? All the highs and lows and in-betweens. And now you see me and just say, "Hey". Isn't it weird that you've seen me naked? We had conversations 'bout forever. Now it's.

Search Me

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sĩ: Katy Perry

Through this skin. You see my heart. Through this laughter. You feel my pain. Even through. This mask you see. My face. For You. Are the only one. Who really knows. Just who I am. And you search me. And you know. All the.


Tác giả: Lukasz Gottwald & Katy Perry & Henry Walter

Ca sĩ: Katy Perry

I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath. Scared to rock the boat and make a mess. So I sat quietly, agreed politely. I guess that I forgot I had a choice. I let you push me past the breaking point. I stood for nothing,


Tác giả: Katy Perry & Tor Erik Hermansen & Mikkel S. Eriksen

Ca sĩ: Katy Perry

I know there's gotta be rain if I want the rainbows. And I know the higher I climb, the harder the wind blows. Yeah, I've gone to sleep night after night punching a pillow. But do you know the darker the night,

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