Never Be Alone

Tác giả: TheFatRat

You, you gonna break my heart. You gonna tear it apart. No matter what you do. I'll still be there for you. And when you call my name. I wont be far away. No matter where you go. You'll never be alone, be alone, be.

The Calling

Tác giả: TheFatRat

Ca sỹ thể hiện: TheFatRat; Laura Brehm

1. Still and silent. Calm before the storm. Gold and diamond. Jewels behind the throne. Into the night. Out of the dark. Take to the sky. Chasing the stars. All that we said. All that we are. Waiting to fly. This is the.

Violet Sky

Tác giả: TheFatRat & Cecilia Gault

Ca sỹ thể hiện: TheFatRat; Cecilia Gault

This is gettin' heavy but I carry on (Carry on, carry on). Visions of a holy place I call home (I call home, I call). Violet sky. Troubled water. Sweat in my eyes. Gettin' stronger. This is.

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