Tác giả: Maroon 5

Ca sĩ: Martin Garrix

Ca sĩ khác: Marron 5

Baby I'm preying on you tonight. Hunt you down eat you alive. Just like animals. Animals. Like animals-mals. Maybe you think that you can hide. I can smell your scent for miles. Just like animals. Animals. Like.

Burn Out

Tác giả: Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo & Dewain Whitmore

Ca sĩ: Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo & Dewain Whitmore

Flash far, I'm coming for ya. You're gonna fill me like the summer, like the sun in your eyes. Hold tight, another minute. Another hour, baby, imma' show you. You can rely on me. I'll give you all.


Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sĩ: Martin Garrix

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Can't you see you're not ready? My arms are gettin' heavy from the weight of the world. It's up to me, and I'm gettin' sweaty. Is it too much to hold? A thousand voices whisper noise. They plan my fall.


Tác giả: Martin Garrix; John & Michel & Albin Nedler & Bonn

Ca sĩ: Martin Garrix & Bonn

Oh, I was hiding from the pain. But now I'm tired of running. Felt like the gods forgot my name. In my head, I didn't know where I was looking for. We got so close to something beautiful. And.

In The Name Of Love

Tác giả: Martin Garrix & Steve James & Ruth Anne

Ca sĩ: Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha

If I told you. This was only gonna hurt. IfI warned you. That the fire is gonna burn. Would you walk in. Would you let me do it first. Do it all in the name of love. Would you let me. Lead you even when you're blind. In.

Love Runs Out

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sĩ: Martin Garrix & Sasha Sloan & G-eazy

What if our love runs out, out, out. Don't wanna let you down-own-own. You know, ah. What if our love runs out (Yeah). Can't help but think, "what if". Fast.


Tác giả: Giorgio Tuinfort & Martin Garrix & Khalid

Ca sĩ: Martin Garrix & Khalid

Tell me what you're crying for. I'll wipe your tears, oh love. If your soul is aching love. We'll comfort you for sure. If we're caught in a wave. I will carry you over. It don't matter where you.

Real Love

Tác giả: Chưa Biết

Ca sĩ: Martin Garrix

Ca sĩ khác: JustAtee & Kimmese

Tay em với ra, dù hai ta đứng xa. Anh đã đưa đôi tay mình cho em cầm. Dìu bước em qua chông gai. Oooh, em yêu sẽ thấy là, tất cả vì yêu em đấy mà. Anh không biết nói ra sao để em có thể cảm nhận từng điều mà anh muốn. Là.

Scared To Be Lonely

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sĩ: Dua Lipa & Martin Garrix

1. It was great at the very start. Hands on each other. Couldn't stand to be far apart. Closer the better. Now we're picking fights. And slamming doors. Magnifying all our flaws. And I wonder why. Wonder.

So Far Away

Tác giả: Poo Bear & Giorgio Tuinfort & Jamie Scott

Ca sĩ: David Guetta & Martin Garrix & Jamie Scott & Romy Dya

Light 'em up, light 'em up. Tell me where you are, tell me where you are. Summer nights, bright lights. And the shooting stars, they break my heart. Calling you now, but.

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