All Falls Down

Tác giả: Alan Walker & Richard Boardman & Sarah Blanchard

Ca sĩ: Alan Walker & Noah Cyrus & Digital Farm Animals

What's the trick? I wish I knew. I'm so done with thinking through all the things I could've been. And I know you wonder too. All it takes is that one look at you and I run right back to you. You.

I Got So High That I Saw Jesus

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sĩ: Noah Cyrus

I got so high that I saw Jesus. He said, "It's all gonna' be okay. You just need me in your heart". Tennessee whiskey and love. I got so high that I saw Jesus. Yeah, they talk about the rivers running dry. How.


Tác giả: Noah Cyrus & Michael Sonier & Peter Harding

Ca sĩ: Noah Cyrus

I've been holding my breath. I've  been counting to 10. Over  something you said. I've been holding back tears. While you're throwing back beers. I'm  alone in my bed. You  know I, I'm afraid of.

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